The Schedule School seminars will develop the schedule of loss for our fictional Claimant, Penny Foster. The relevant facts of Penny Foster’s claim are outlined below, which we will refer to throughout our seminars:

"Penny Foster was born on 23 May 1983. On 17 March 2019, Penny was seriously injured in a road traffic accident when a negligent driver collided with her vehicle. Penny sustained multiple injuries, including a spinal cord injury which has rendered her paraplegic. Due to the accident, Penny is now a wheelchair user.

Following the accident, Penny was hospitalised and subsequently transferred to a spinal rehabilitation centre. Four months post-accident, Penny was discharged home. The two bedroomed terraced house which Penny owns was unsuitable for her needs. As a result, Penny is currently renting an accessible bungalow and continues to undergo intensive therapy. 

At the time of the accident, Penny was working as a primary school teacher and lived with her boyfriend, John, and their Labrador, Murphy.

Penny now has significant needs for care, rehabilitation, medical treatment, aids, equipment and accommodation.

Penny's life expectancy is now 75."

For seminars 1-4 the Joint Settlement Meeting ["JSM "] date has been set as 01 September 2021. For seminars 5 onwards, it is 17 March 2022.